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Why I Built

Hello, this is Rick from I built the site for both content creators across different niches who want to create content more efficiently and also for end users who wish to access the different types of formats of digital products I create.

My journey to create content began in 2009 with a dessert recipes and candy gifts recommendation site.

Since then I’ve launched a few relationship tip blogs and email newsletters, along with other Instagram pages for some of my hobbies.

To bring traffic to my blogs I became good at Pinterest, specifically using to create Pins.

This love for grew into creating other types of digital products such as eBooks, eBook covers, slide shows, videos, greeting cards, checklists and more.

Through this journey I discovered one recurring challenge that I continuously ran into: time consumption.

It just took too long to complete any of my projects, both design or text related.

Eventually, this led to the discovery of the power of duplication.

You could create a template, duplicate it, make adjustments to it and suddenly you had a whole new version of the original piece of content.

I started to apply this concept to all areas of my content creation as a digital marketer and my energy level to work on new projects increased with the new-found motivation and confidence.

Suddenly, I could complete more tasks and projects in less than half the time I was working before.

Emails could get duplicated, adjusted, and scheduled for months out. No more creating one email at time.

One blog post got repurposed into ten.

One Pin turned into 100.

A blog post got repurposed into an eBook, email series, video, and 100 Pins.

As you read this, I still seek to get better but I wish to show you what I’ve become good at so that you too can create more content faster and smarter.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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