Learn how to master the fundamentals of Canva with this free video series designed for beginner and intermediate level users.

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[NOTE:] You will need at least a Canva free subscription to access and edit the majority of templates in this vault. (The free version is more than sufficient to create all kinds of printables and templates either for sale or to give away. 

I use Canva Pro for my needs because I prefer a wider variety of design options and upgraded functions the paid-for subscription offers. (Click here for a free 30-Days Canva PRO trial)

[Affiliate Disclaimer] I Rick at recommends you, the viewer, to start a subscription to based on my several years of use of the site and love for the product. I do stand to earn a commission if you click on links on this page and pay for a Canva subscription. Thank you for the support.

Templates: Customize Canva Templates to Create Your Own

Learn how to create invitations, eBook covers, social media posts, journals, and other pieces of content fast by customizing the templates found in Canva designed by other users. The formats and layouts are already set, you just make adjustments to them.

Projects: Organize Your Work and Elements with Folders

Watch how to save your creations within folders so that you can find them fast later.

Projects: Organize Your Work with Folders​ by Rick from

Elements: [Part One] How to Find Graphics to Suit Your Needs

Watch how to use search and filters to find the most ideal graphic elements. This will save you a lot of time and hassle of just sifting through hundreds of elements that won’t even use.

Elements: [Part Two] Design Style Keywords

Watch how to find graphic elements based on design styles. (Examples- boho, watercolor, organic, psychedelic, bold, etc)

Elements: [Part Three] Design Style Keywords

Watch how to find graphic element backgrounds and background elements to make your headlines, text and other graphic designs grab the attention of your audience to increase click throughs and engagements.

Graphic Elements: Part 3- Background Elements by Rick from

Elements: [Part Four] Design Style Keywords

Watch how to find animated graphics to liven up and call attention to your social media posts and videos. 

Graphic Elements: Part 4- Animated Elements by Rick from

Text: Find the Best Fonts, Font Pairings and Master Text Effects

Fonts set the mood for your headings. Watch how to search for and find the best ones for your content. Also check out how to edit and spruce up headings to further set the mood for your visual creations. 

Photos, Videos, Audio: How to Find the Ones that Enhance Your Creations

Watch how to use search and filters to find the best photos, videos, and audio for your projects. Save time and headaches finding the ones that you need.

Basic Commands and Functions: Work Faster and Smarter- Resizing, Duplicating, Aligning, and More!

This video simplifies the most useful commands and functions.

Basic Canva Commands and Functions by Rick from

Advanced Commands and Functions: Text Effects, Animations, Edit Images

These commands and functions go beyond the basic ones. And they are some of the ones I used the most in my everyday work.

Advanced Canva Commands and Functions by Rick from

Formatting: Saving and Exporting into Different Formats

Canva makes it easy to save your projects into different formats with one click. I will show you the ones that are most useful.

Formatting- Saving and Exporting by Rick from

Canva Apps: Ai Art Generation, Bulk Create, Emojis, Color Palettes, Font Templates and More

Here’s the most interesting, most advanced video of this series. Learn how Canva (currently) harnesses the power of AI. Also, we will look at some of the other Apps that Canva offers to enhance your content.

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