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Ready to Make Money Selling Templates? Or to Grow Your List?

Ready to Make Money Selling Templates? Or to Grow Your Email List?

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This eBook Is for You If You… 

  • Want to add digital products to your Etsy shop, Shopify store or other online shop
  • Want new ready-to-go ideas for digital templates to sell on your online shop
  • Need new lead magnet ideas to grow your list
  • Have some experience creating templates in Canva or a similar graphics app
  • Are ready to create your first simple sales funnel (lead magnet > One-Time-Offer > Upsell > Bump > welcome email sequence)
  • Want to supplement your online business income
  • Are looking to add a new income stream to your portfolio

List of Benefits of Using This eBook

  • High-converting, data-backed ideas to make digital templates
  • Niche-specific product ideas (not generic) you could create and sell right away
  • Sell higher-priced complete planners
  • Bundle individual products for upsells
  • Sell hundreds of individual templates  to repeat customers or give them away to boost your list growth

Make Planners and Templates Your Ideal Customers Need

Templates Image

4 Ways to Sell or Give Away Your Planners

1) Lead Magnets:

Freebies you give away to grow your email list. Build a fan base of repeat customers to offer more products in the future.

2) One-Time-Offers:

After someone opts-in to your email list and takes you up on your offer of a lead magnet, you offer inexpensive products priced typically at $5, $7, or $9 that you only present to them at that moment. These offers separate who on your list buys from those who just get freebies.

3) Upsell:

After someone purchases your one-time-offer, present your main money-making product. Something usuall priced $27, $47, $67, or $97 and up. These are your biggest fans and will likely buy from you again.

4) Bump:

One of your higher-priced products, also a one-time offer and deeply discounted.

Here are Examples of Each Level of Product

1) Lead Magnets:

  • SEO Strategy Cheatsheet (for bloggers)
  • Pet Care Monthly Meal Prep Menu Worksheet
  • Party Invitation Template

2) One-Time-Offers:

  • Blogger Productivity Planner
  • Dog Care Planner
  • Fitness Coach Planner

3) Upsell:

  • Templates for Pre-natal Self-Care Planners
  • Worksheet and Game Templates for Online Tutors
  • Boho Journals for All Seasons of the Year

4) Bump:

  • Open House Presentations Templates for New Real Estate Clients
  • How to Create Fun Flashcards and Games for Online Students
  • Ultimate Bucket List of Honeymoon Destinations

Why Create and Sell Digital Planners?

Here are samples from Etsy of digital planners for sale.


Etsy Listing Printable Pregnancy Planner

Pet Care Planner

Fitness Coach Planner

Here are samples from Marmalead (an Etsy SEO Tool) of digital planners for sale.

Manifestation Planner - Marmalead Etsy SEO

Manifestation Journal -

High Demand, High Engagement (indication of good sales), Low Competition

Pregnancy Journal Marmalead Etsy SEO Tool

Pregnancy Journal -

High Demand, High Engagement (indication of good sales), Low Competition

Small Business Marketing Marmalead Etsy SEO Tool

Marketing Small Business-

High Demand, High Engagement (indication of good sales), Low Competition

Create Content Your Audience WANTS and NEEDS...

Sell or Give Away Templates to Grow Your Business

Offer Disappears When Time Runs Out

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What's Included?

25 Digital Printable Planners IDEAS: 400+ Checklist, Worksheet, Spreadsheet, Journals from...

... the following Niches (Industries):

  • Blogger
  • Pet Care
  • Couples Relationship
  • Hosting Occasions
  • Fitness Coach
  • Online Tutor
  • Student Self-Care
  • Wedding Day
  • Baby Shower
  • Honeymoon
  • Parenting
  • House Cleaning
  • Social Media
  • Milestone Tracker
  • Pregnancy
  • Family Emergency Prep
  • Kitchen
  • Garden
  • Home Bar
  • Personal Finance and Investment
  • Road Trip
  • Fitness and Workout
  • Home Selling
  • Smart Home
  • Real Estate Agent
  • BONUS: Productivity

Here are 10 Examples of the Over 400+ Template Ideas

  • Affiliate Marketing Tracker (for Bloggers)
  • Pet Health Log (for Pet Owners)
  • Couple's Date Idea Cards (for Couples in relationships)
  • Event Invitation Templates (for party hosts)
  • Lesson Plan Template (for online tutors)
  • Water Intake Tracker (self-care for students)
  • Cake Designs Planner (for wedding organizers)
  • Timeline Tracker (for baby showers)
  • Home Maintenance Schedule (for house cleaning and repairs)
  • Baby Names Journal (for a pregnancy planner)

Downsides of Waiting or Not Using this eBook

  • Continuing to feel helpless not knowing what to sell
  • Wasting time making the wrong products
  • Watching time slip away due to inaction
  • Going to your job every day wondering when you will have products to sell and if or when you’ll start
  • Feeling like you’ve failed because you haven’t started

Don't Lose Another Minute without Digital Product Ideas

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Was $27

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