Looking for a big list of digital products to sell on Etsy? Here in this post, I share some of the best ideas for products you can sell on the popular online marketplace. Some of them I’ve sold myself and others I’ve seen through Etsy keywords and product research do quite well.

Are you looking to start as an online marketer or maybe have already begun? First off, if you’re not sure between selling digital products online or physical ones, then check out my post here. Both have their PROs and CONs but like many other online marketers, I prefer to sell digital products for the freedom, scalability, and above all the ease to make passive income with an auto-pilot system.

Selling your own digital products online is one of the most rewarding ways to experience as an internet marketer.

Even if you’ve made thousands of dollars like me with affiliate marketing, referring other businesses’ products for commissions, selling your own products makes it easier to promote all the tools you use to create them, promote your business and build your blogs.

You could even create online courses teaching how you make digital products to sell on Etsy.

But for now, let’s start with the ideas you might consider before launching your Etsy shop (or even selling them on your own site).

Feel free to search for the items from my list on Etsy. I love accessing the app right from my phone. Click here to download the Etsy mobile app.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. Meaning I get credit for a sale if you buy through them, which I’d appreciate because it helps me pay for my site and all the work I do.

Ultimate List of Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

Ultimate Checklist of Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

[Click Here] to Get PDF Checklist

Generally speaking, the majority of digital products you can offer on Etsy break down into some type of template (others can customize), printables (non-customizable); or a digital design your customers can use as is (for example, digital wallpaper for cell phones or laptops) or apply to a physical item (for example, coffee mugs or t-shirts).

Here is part of the list of digital products you can sell online. You can download the free PDF that includes 500+ digital products here.

  1. Inspirational Quotes
  2. Digital Planner Templates
  3. Social Media Story Templates
  4. Party Banners
  5. Digital Stickers
  6. Digital Memo Pad Stationary
  7. Adult Coloring Pages
  8. Seasonal Calendars
  9. SVG Files for T-shirts for Bridal Showers
  10. SVG Files for T-shirts for Bachelorette Parties
  11. SVG Files for T-shirts for Ladies Getaways
  12. SVG Files for T-shirts for Bachelor Parties
  13. SVG Files for Kids Sports Teams
  14. Party Games
  15. Sticker Labels
  16. Resume templates
  17. Blog Post Templates
  18. To-Do Lists
  19. Daily Journal Pages
  20. Party Signs
  21. Cleaning Schedules
  23. Invitations
  24. Wedding Stationery
  25.  Recipe Cards
  26. Date Idea Cards
  27. Motivational Quote Cards
  28. Origami Patterns
  29. Scavenger Hunts for Kids
  30.  Gift Tags
  31.  Business Card Templates
  32.  Business QR Code Cards
  33.  Business QR Code Stickers
  34.  Party Games
  35.  Jigsaw Puzzle Patterns
  36.  Crosswords
  37.  Sudoku
  38.  Menu templates
  39.  Mazes
  40.  Trivia Games
  41.  Vocabulary Flashcards
  42. Visual Flashcards for Kids
  43.  Language Learning Worksheets
  44. Sheet Music Learning Worksheets
  45.  Lesson Plans
  46.  Certificates
  48.  Greeting Cards
  49.  Thank You Cards
  50.  Postcards
  51.  Cell Phone Wallpaper
  52.  Habit Trackers
  53.  Decorative Envelope Templates
  54.  Moving Checklists
  55.  Party Prep Checklists
  56.  Vacation Checklists
  57. eBook Templates (by Niche)
  58. Invoice Template
  59. Blogger Brand Kit Templates
  60. Weekly Meal Planner Templates
  61. Training Resource Templates
  62. Drawing Patterns
  63. Planner Divider Covers
  64. Font Pairing Charts
  65. Gift Shopping Checklists
  66. Gift Shopping Trackers
  67. Decorative Baby Shower Registry Printables
  68. Decorative Wedding Shower Registry Printables
  69. Self-Care Planner
  70. Seasonal Kids Coloring Pages
  71. Party Table Menu Cards
  72. Party Invites and Menus
  73. Bucket Lists
  74. Blogger Content Idea Lists
  75. Social Media Video Templates
  76. Digital Save the Date Invites
  77. Couples Card Games
  78. Test Prep Flashcards (by Profession)
  79. Test Prep Quizzes (by Profession)
  80. Monthly Personal Finances Budget
  81. Savings Challenges for Kids
  82. Savings Challenges for Adults
  83. Small Business Bookkeeping (by Profession)
  84. Real Estate Flyer Templates
  85. Real Estate Marketing Guides for Customers
  86. Quiz Templates for Teachers
  87. Seasonal Word Searches
  88. Books Read Tracker
  89. Bucket List Tracker
  90. Netflix Shows and Episodes Watched Trackers
  91. Daily Habit Trackers for Adults
  92. Daily Habit Trackers for Kids
  93. Project Trackers
  94. Blog Post Templates
  95. Build a Blog Checklist (by Niche)
  96. Start a Business Checklist (by Industry)
  97. Launch a Business Progress Tracker
  98. Blog Lead Magnet Templates (by Category of Lead Magnet)
  99. Printable Wall Art
  100. Social Media Post Ideas List

The Ultimate List of 500+ Digital Products to Sell Online

Download the List and Start Creating Digital Products TODAY!

Get the Ultimate Checklist of Digital Products to Sell on Etsy. [Click Here] to Get PDF Checklist

How to Make Digital Products to Sell Online

Wondering where to begin, right? It’s pretty easy. Most of the products that you will create to sell on Etsy, Shopify or even on your own site are formatted into PDFs. Of course, there are other formats, such as SVGs for t-shirts, or PNGs for digital assets like designs for coffee mugs or digital wallpaper.

As for templates, you would offer a link to the URL where you store your design. Then from there, your customer can customize it (like for wedding invitations) and then download them into their format of choice (usually both PNGs to send them digitally and PDFs so they can print copies).

The questions you perhaps are asking yourself now are:

  1. “How do you actually design the digital products to sell on Etsy or elsewhere online?”
  2. “What program do you use to create the products?”

You will need some type of design tool, preferably an online graphic design tool that gets regularly updated for new features, functionality, and security,

Personally, I use Canva and so do many other digital marketers right now. The good news is for templates, you will ALWAYS use the free Canva subscription (click here to start a free Canva subscription). And the other good news is that for other designs like social media posts or printables use the very affordable Canva Pro subscription- this is the one I have used for years (click here to try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days).

I regularly use both their mobile and desktop apps.

If you’d like to get a sneak peek preview of Canva, how to use the design tool, and how I use it to create some of my digital products to sell on Etsy then click here to access my video tutorials, free templates, Canva keyword element videos and more.

Or not ready to subscribe to my Canva Tutorial Design Suite then check out my long blog post full of Canva tips and tricks on how to use the design tool to make it easier, faster, and smarter to use.

Ready to try Canva Pro for 30 Days? Click here for a free 30-day trial.

Canva Alternative Graphic Design Tools?

However, if you wish to shop for other online graphic design tools, click here to read my blog post on alternative Canva graphic design tools. Every tool shares similar features but they are all presented differently and you may prefer the user experience of one over all the others.

Questions on Digital Products to Sell on Etsy?

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