Ultimate List of Online Courses to Create and Sell By Niche

Looking for ideas for online courses to create and sell?

We’re going to look at the market for online education, reasons to market and sell your online courses, where to create and sell them, and finally, a long list of ideas for online courses to create and sell by niche with examples.


Online courses have become a booming industry in recent years, offering a wealth of opportunities for online marketers. This market has experienced significant growth in recent years, with more people turning to e-learning for personal and professional development.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated this trend as more individuals seek flexible and accessible ways to learn from the comfort of their homes.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $374.3 billion by 2026, with online courses being a significant contributor to this growth. The increasing adoption of online education by schools, universities, and corporations, coupled with advancements in technology such as AI and virtual reality, are driving the expansion of the online course market.

As a result, there is a growing opportunity for educators, experts, and entrepreneurs to create and sell online courses to a global audience.

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Reasons to Sell Online Courses

Creating and selling online courses can be a lucrative endeavor for online marketers for several reasons.

According to a report by, the global market for privately created online courses is experiencing substantial growth, fueled by the increasing demand for flexible and accessible education options.

The report highlights that the market is expected to continue expanding in the coming years, driven by factors such as technological advancements, changing learning preferences, and the growing adoption of online learning platforms.

This indicates a promising opportunity for online marketers to profit from creating and selling online courses in a market that shows no signs of slowing down. For more information on the global market for privately created online courses, you can [refer to the report here]

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Tools to Create Online Courses

There are several tools available on the internet that can help streamline the course creation process and enhance the learning experience for students.

By utilizing these tools effectively, online marketers can create engaging and interactive online courses that attract students and drive revenue for their businesses.

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Platforms to Sell Online Courses

These platforms offer various features and pricing structures, so it’s essential to research each one to find the best fit for your online course business.

List of Profitable Niches with Examples of Online Courses to Create and Sell


Fitness content marketers may cater to health-conscious individuals seeking workout tips, nutrition advice, and motivation to enhance their physical well-being.

Research Resources for the Fitness Niche

PubMed: A valuable resource for finding scientific research articles on various fitness-related topics, including exercise physiology, nutrition, and health outcomes. PubMed is a free database maintained by the National Institutes of Health. 

Google Scholar: An excellent tool for discovering scholarly literature across a wide range of disciplines, including fitness and sports science. Google Scholar provides access to academic papers, theses, books, and conference proceedings. 

American Council on Exercise (ACE): ACE is a trusted source for fitness certifications, educational resources, and articles on exercise science, program design, and nutrition. Their website offers a wealth of information for fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM): NASM provides certifications, workshops, and resources for personal trainers and fitness professionals. Their website features articles, videos, and tools to support evidence-based training practices. A comprehensive resource for evidence-based information on supplements, nutrition, and health topics. reviews scientific research to provide unbiased summaries and recommendations for consumers interested in optimizing their fitness and well-being.

These resources offer a diverse range of information to support research and learning in the fitness niche. Whether you are looking for the latest research studies, practical training tips, or nutritional guidance, these websites can be valuable assets in your quest for knowledge.

Ideas for Content Topics for the Fitness Content Marketer

Possible Online Course Title Ideas to Make and Sell in the Fitness Niche


Self-care niche focuses on promoting wellness and mindfulness. Content creators target audiences seeking relaxation, personal growth, and stress relief.

Research Resources for the Self-Care Niche

These resources offer valuable information and studies to help you deepen your understanding of self-care practices and their impact on overall well-being.

Ideas for Content Topics for the Self-Care Content Marketer

Possible Online Course Title Ideas to Make and Sell in the Self-Care Niche

Career Advice

The career advice niche focuses on guiding individuals through job searches, interviews, and professional development. Content creators target job seekers and professionals seeking career advancement.

Research Resources for the Career Advice Niche

These resources can serve as valuable tools for individuals seeking guidance and information in the career advice niche.

Ideas for Content Topics for the Content Marketer in the Career Advice Niche

Career Development


Personal Branding

Possible Online Course Titles to Make and Sell in the Career Advice Niche

Personal Finance

The personal finance niche involves educating on managing money, budgeting, and investing. Your target market would include adults seeking financial literacy, budgeting tools, and investment advice.

Research Resources for the Personal Finance Niche

By incorporating these resources into your online courses for the personal finance niche, you can enhance the credibility and depth of your work.

Ideas for Content Topics in the Personal Finance Niche

Possible Titles of Online Courses in the Personal Finance Niche


The parenting niche offers support and advice for raising children from infancy to adulthood, primarily focusing on new parents seeking tips and support in raising children.

Resources to Research for the Parenting Niche

By exploring these resources, online marketers can gain a better understanding of the economic market of parenting and tailor their strategies to effectively reach and engage with parents.

Ideas for Content Topics in the Personal Finance Niche

Possible Title Ideas for Online Courses in the Parenting Niche

Pet Care

Pet care ensures the well-being and happiness of your beloved furry friends.

Research Resources for the Pet Care Niche

Content marketers in the pet care niche can research the above resources to identify or update themselves on pet health trends, behavioral studies, and product reviews for engaging content creation.

Content Topics for Content Marketers in the Pet Care Niche

Brainstorming Possible Titles for Online Courses for the Pet Care Niche

Relationship Advice

The relationship advice niche creates content for individuals seeking guidance on love, dating, and interpersonal relationships. Your audience would include singles, couples, and marriage seekers.

Resources for Relationship Advice Research

These resources offer a mix of academic research, expert advice, self-help books, therapy options, and online communities to support and inform your research on relationship advice. Each source provides a unique perspective and valuable insights into understanding and improving relationships.

Relationship Advice Subcategories

Dating Tips

Communication Skills

Relationship Building

Breakup Recovery

Marriage Advice

Online Course Title Ideas for the Relationship Niche


Dive deep into the world of nutrition and craft engaging content for health-conscious individuals seeking balanced diets and wellness tips.

Resources for the Content Marketer in the Nutrition Niche

These resources offer valuable insights, data, and strategies to help content and digital marketers navigate the economic market of nutrition effectively.

Subcategory Topics in the Nutrition Niche

Possible Online Course Titles for the Nutrition Niche

Private Tutoring

Private tutors cater to students seeking personalized academic support, whether online or in person, and target a range of students from K-12 grades, college applicants, and adult learners.

Subcategories of Topics in the Tutoring Niche

These topics cover a wide range of topics within the private tutoring niche, offering diverse opportunities for both tutors and students to engage in meaningful and effective learning experiences.

Possible Titles of Online Courses in the Tutoring Niche

  1. Mastering Mathematics: A Comprehensive Course
  2. Writing Wizardry: Enhancing Your Writing Skills
  3. Excel at English: Grammar and Composition Mastery
  4. Science Explorers: A Journey Through Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  5. Historical Adventures: Exploring the Past Through Engaging Lessons
  6. Coding Chronicles: Learn Programming from Scratch
  7. Creative Arts Workshop: Unleashing Your Artistic Potential
  8. Language Legends: Mastering a New Language
  9. Financial Foundations: Building Wealth and Financial Literacy
  10. Mindful Meditation: Finding Inner Peace and Balance
  11. Culinary Creations: Discovering the Art of Cooking
  12. Fitness Fusion: Achieving Wellness Through Exercise and Nutrition
  13. Digital Design Dive: Unleashing Your Creativity in the Digital World
  14. Environmental Explorers: Protecting Our Planet Through Sustainability
  15. Music Maestro: Embarking on a Melodic Journey
  16. Psychology Perspectives: Understanding the Human Mind
  17. Travel Tales: Exploring the World’s Wonders
  18. Entrepreneurship Essentials: Nurturing Business Skills
  19. Yoga Harmony: Balancing Body, Mind, and Spirit
  20. Literary Legends: Appreciating Classic and Contemporary Literature

Home Cooking

Create content that resonates with passionate home chefs, offering recipes, tips, and products to elevate their culinary experience.

Resources to Research in the Home Cooking Niche

These resources offer a wealth of information, recipes, and tips to enhance your home cooking experience.

Subcategories of Topics for the Home Cooking Niche

Possible Titles of Online Courses for the Home Cooking Niche


Share experiences, tips, recommendations, and insights from various destinations around the world through online platforms.

Resources of Research for the Travel Niche

When researching the economics of the travel niche, there are several resources you can explore to gain valuable insights.

Topics of Subcategories of the Travel Niche

Ideas for Titles of Online Courses in the Travel Niche

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